Rita Whaley Rita Whaley

Rita Whaley: Abstract - Intuitive - Inspirational Paintings

I paint to bring joy into dark spaces, and to celebrate life in all of it's different possibilities and manifestations

My art is an expression of the moment and expands into forms and ideas as my painting unfolds. I begin by creating random shapes, color pattern and forms, using digital brushes and media to create background and textures.

In the process different images emerge, take shape, suggesting outlines and definition. Dreams, my view of the world, spirituality and intuitive feelings all seem to find their place into my paintings.

As a former family and child therapist, I am inspired by my work with children. Their direct and innocent view of the world allows me to experiment, have fun, and let go of previous expectations.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I hope you come back to see my new paintings.

You can reach my bye-mail at: rita@sparksofjoy.com
or call: 773 654 3949

Have Fun